Physician's Money Digest, May 31 2003, Volume 10, Issue 10

Teaching kids ages 6 through 16how to handle their money just got alittle easier with Family Bank software,which turns your child'sallowance and money from odd jobsinto virtual bank accounts for checkingand savings. All cash gets depositedthrough you and entered into thechild's account. When the child asksfor money, you say, "Write me acheck," and the money is deductedfrom the virtual checking account.No overdrafts are allowed, plus thesoftware keeps track of how themoney is spent. Your child can evenapply for a loan, with repaymentsautomatically deducted from theiraccount—a great way to learn aboutthe high cost of borrowing. FamilyBank software will cost you $34.95plus shipping and is available throughthe Institute for Consumer FinancialEducation (; 619-239-1401).