Cinema Consults: TWO WEEKS NOTICE

Physician's Money DigestMay 31 2003
Volume 10
Issue 10

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TwoWeeks Notice

(2002): Sometimesit's okay to"judge a book byits cover." Thetrailers to thismovie made itfairly obvious thatit was going to beanother formulaicromantic comedypairing 2 fairly successful comedicactors. What you see is whatyou get. In this case, the plot consistsof a typical "opposites attract"scenario between LucyKelton (Sandra Bullock), a sociallyconscious graduate of HarvardLaw School, and GeorgeWade (Hugh Grant), a millionaireplayboy and head of 1 ofNew York's leading commercialreal estate firms. The 2 charactersbecome unlikely colleagueswhen George convinces Lucy totake a job as his chief legal counselin exchange for protection ofa landmark building/communitycenter in her neighborhood.Soon George becomes dependenton Lucy's opinion on everythingfrom business to fashiondecisions. This leads Lucy to terminatetheir overbearing workrelationship (thus the title ) and forces both ofthem to examine their blossomingaffections for each other. Thefilm is pretty stale, with the exceptionof a few comic moments.Both actors are very talented, butthey really aren't given verymuch to do in this film.

Rating: 1 1/2

Lisa A. Tomaszewski, managing editorof Physician's Money Digest, is currentlyworking on her PhD in literature atDrew University in New Jersey. Sheis an avid fan of film and has taughta summer film course at FairleighDickinson University. She welcomesquestions, comments, or suggestionsfor future film reviews at 732-656-1140ext 195 or

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