Physicians' Success Secret

Physician's Money DigestApril15 2003
Volume 10
Issue 7

"Successful physicians who are able to accumulatewealth are much more likely to say it was through discipline.Doctors are especially sensitive to this issue. Ifyou look at their medical school records, they creditorganizational skills more so than people skills. Theyconsistently say they work harder than others.

"They also have supportive spouses. They givetremendous credit to being their own bosses and tothe freedom it brings. They underemphasize superiorintellect. What's interesting about the physiciansI've surveyed is that they weren't in the top 1% inmedical school. They're not analytical geniuses, butrather bright people who worked extremely hard.

"When asked about their experiences in school,they say that hard work was a lot more importantthan genetic high intellect in achievement.What concerns me, however, isthat most medical schools put toomuch emphasis on standardized testscores and not other factors."

Dr. Thomas J. Stanley; Best-selling author, The MillionaireNext Door and The Millionaire Mind

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