Physician's Money DigestApril15 2003
Volume 10
Issue 7

The "audit from hell" is back. Forthe first time in more than a decade,the IRS is subjecting about 1700 randomlychosen US taxpayers to a rigorousaudit this year. These unluckycitizens will be asked to undergowhat the agency calls "calibration"audits, which will question just aboutevery line on their tax returns.Another 32,000 taxpayers will besubject to face-to-face audits on specificareas of their returns. The IRSwill mail lists of targeted questions toanother 7000 taxpayers, who will beasked for written replies. IRS officialsinsist that the calibration auditswon't be as bad as those done the lasttime around, which one physicianhas described as "an autopsy withoutthe benefit of death." If you're calledfor a face-to-face audit, hire a taxprofessional to represent you if youdon't already have one.

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