Physician's Money DigestMarch31 2003
Volume 10
Issue 6

Dividend reinvestment plans(DRiPs) have long been a hit withindividual investors who want toavoid broker commissions. WithPresident Bush's proposal to get ridof the tax on dividends, they're gettingeven more attention. The ideaof investing in a solid company andgetting anywhere from 2% to 4% onyour money, tax-free, is tempting.And you can get into many DRiPplans for as little as $250 upfrontand buy additional stock in incrementsfor as low as $10. Before youbuy, though, check the fine print.Many companies with DRiP programscharge transaction fees forbuying or selling stock or have highinitial investment requirements. Formore information on these investments,contact DRiP Investor (800-233-5922; www.dripinvestor.com)or Netstock Direct (888-638-7865;www.netstockdirect.com).

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