THUMBS UP: Where to Retire?

Physician's Money Digest, July31 2003, Volume 10, Issue 14



Retirement is enough of a cultureshock without the headaches of settlinginto a new location. But if you'reintent on relocating after you retire,act with common sense. Considerwhat you like about where you livenow: cultural events, climate, friends,and family. Honestly ask yourself ifyou will find similar things in a newplace. Rent a home in a retirementarea for 6 months before makinga commitment to buy. recently released its annual list of thebest places to retire, including: Portsmouth,NH; Savannah, Ga; Largo, Fla;Franklin, Tenn; Ann Arbor, Mich; St.George, Utah; Bellingham, Wash; andLa Paz, Mexico. For a thumbnailsketch of the magazine's selections,visit