Physician's Money Digest, July31 2003, Volume 10, Issue 14

Walking down the aisle shouldn'tjust be the start of a marriage commitment,but rather the result ofprior agreements arrived at throughfrank discussion. After Lorna Wendthad gone through a high-profiledivorce from George Wendt, head ofGeneral Electric Capital, she foundedthe Equality in Marriage Institute(212-489-5590;, which helps couples discussgoals, finances, lifestyle issues,and much more, before the weddingvows are exchanged. Using the Institute'sCommitment Conversation,the couple can hash out differencesand then, with the help of theirlawyer, draw up a CommitmentContract that reflects the agreementsthey have come to. Wendt stressesthat the agreement should be a legalcontract aimed at assuring that themarriage will be a 50/50 partnership.