Neuropathic Pain

Introducing Painkiller: A History of Crisis

March 01, 2020


The expert-led narrative series will seek to answer when and how the development of opioids led to a public health crisis.

FDA Approves Neurological Software Modules

October 07, 2019


Higmark Interactive will now be able to market their full suite of EQ software modules.

Ten Facts About Medical Aid in Dying

August 28, 2018


What a longtime family practitioner in a state that authorizes medical aid in dying has learned through his own experience of the controversial practice.

FDA Clears Peripheral Nerve Stimulators for Acute and Chronic Pain

August 17, 2018


The SPRINT endura and extensa are cleared for both chronic and acute pain including post-operative pain and post-traumatic pain.

Charles Mattocks Wants to Burn the Fat on US Healthcare

August 16, 2018


The celebrity chef-turned-producer wants to champion healthcare access, both on the screen and in person. Where does he start?

RNA Therapeutic Patisiran Improves Neurologic Impairment in hATTR Amyloidosis Patients

July 05, 2018


If approved, the therapeutic will be the first in a new class of medicines.

Non-Medicine Methods for Treating Neuropathy Symptoms

April 24, 2018


Already tasked with a burdensome regimen of therapy for nerve damage, some patients may just be looking for simpler relief.

Study Reveals Commonality of Rare Neuropathy in Korean Population

March 16, 2018


Results from a study published in the Orphanet Journal of Rare Diseases this week suggest that the hereditary neuropathy with liability to pressure palsies, which has been assumed to be rare, might not be uncommon in the Korean population.

FDA Approves Lidocaine Patch 1.8% for Post-Herpetic Neuralgia

March 01, 2018


The ZTlido patch utilizes a 36-mg dose of lidocaine, compared to the 700-mg dose used by other available patches.