Sickle Cell

Medical Marijuana Reduces Hospital Visits Among Sickle Cell Disease Patients

August 13, 2020


The findings can lead to an alternative pain option for patients with sickle cell disease.

How Voxelotor Benefits the Blood Shortage

August 02, 2020


The pandemic has burdened blood drives nationally. A new sickle cell drug keeps patients from needing as many transfusions.

Voxelotor in Sickle Cell Disease

July 29, 2020


How has the new agent fared in its indicated patients in its first year on the market?

The Effects of Sickle Cell Disease Disparity

July 23, 2020


How a decades-long issue has resulted in at-need patients lacking confident, available physicians.

Cannabis and Placebo Similar in Reducing Pain in Sickle Cell Disease Patients

July 17, 2020


The findings suggest cannabis should be further investigated as an alternative to opioids.

Heparin May Reduce SARS-CoV-2 Infection Risk

July 16, 2020


New research shows the anticoagulant binds tightly with the coronavirus’ surface spike protein.

Half of Sickle Cell Patients Dissatisfied with Emergency Department Care

July 13, 2020


A study shows surveyed patients were nearly twice as likely to be satisfied with the care they receive from a usual clinician than an emergency caregiver.

Point-of-Care Newborn Testing Could Improve Pediatric Sickle Cell Care

July 10, 2020


A streamlined testing procedure in sub-Saharan Africa shows improved infant and newborn patient identification.

Coronavirus, Racial Disparity in Sickle Cell Disease

July 04, 2020


A look at the risks patients face due to the pandemic—and what minority patients may face daily.

The Current Players in Sickle Cell Disease

July 03, 2020


A look at the quarter of available drugs for the rare disease, and how they fare in relation to evolving understanding of disease effect.