Parkinson Disease

FDA Approves Personalized Chronic Pain Therapy Mobile Application

July 23, 2020


The Patient Controller will join a growing list of Abbott digital care products aimed at streamlining the therapeutic experience.

FDA Approves Opicapone to Increase Parkinson Disease ON Time

April 27, 2020


The new approval is based on the result of 38 clinical trials involving more than 1000 patients.

Parkinson Disease Dementia Linked to Compulsive Behaviors

April 16, 2020


Impulse control disorder symptoms also commonly found in Parkinson disease patients treated with dopamine agonists.

Vision Problems More Common in Patients with Parkinson Disease

March 21, 2020


Study data suggested that up to 80% of patients with Parkinson disease may have ophthalmologic symptoms.

Apomorphine Helps Increase On Time Response for Parkinson Disease Patients

February 21, 2020


New drug more often linked to a full ON response from Parkinson disease patients at 30 minutes when compared to a placebo.

Extended-Release Amantadine Reduces Dyskinesia in Parkinson Disease Patients

February 14, 2020


Patients in the treatment group had improved dyskinesia symptoms and off time.

Palliative Care a Boost for Parkinson Disease Patients

February 11, 2020


A multifaceted care plan for patients is shown to improve both their quality of life and the burden of treatment for caregivers.

FDA Clears Study to Test New Drug to Treat Dyskinesia for Parkinson Patients

January 30, 2020


Investigators will move forward with a phase 2 study testing AV-101 as a potential treatment for patients with Parkinson disease receiving levodopa-based therapy.

FDA Expands Indication for Parkinson Disease Brain Stimulation Tech

January 24, 2020


The approval expands options for patients with Parkinson disease to tailor treatment to their unique needs.

Ambroxol Shows Potential as a Parkinson Disease Drug

January 16, 2020


Of the 176 adverse events found in a trial targeting ambroxol as a Parkinson disease drug, only 3 were deemed related to the treatment.