Physician's Money Digest, July15 2003, Volume 10, Issue 13


The gang may havedefined happiness as a warm puppy,but doctors know it's more complexthan that. Tedd Mitchell, MD, medicaldirector of the Wellness Programat the famous Cooper Clinic (www.cooperwellness.com), says that makingyour own life decisions is animportant ingredient for personalhappiness. And despite the materialisticmessages our culture bombardsus with, trying to buy happinessis an almost sure way to disappointment.In the end, Dr. Mitchellsays, being happy requires taking anactive part in life, building dailyhabits that add to your feeling ofself-worth, and developing meaningfulrelationships with others.Stop thinking that happiness liessomewhere in the future, he advises;make each day count, and happinesswill come as a natural byproductof the way you live your life.