Physician's Money Digest, July15 2003, Volume 10, Issue 13

The average cost of a stay in anursing home now runs about $1000a week, enough to blow a hole in mostphysicians' well-planned retirementfunds. Long-term care (LTC) insuranceis the best way to protect yourself.The cost of premiums for LTCinsurance is higher, the older you are,but that's no reason to apply too early.A healthy 55-year-old doctor couldpay 15 to 20 years of premiums unnecessarily.If you crave peace ofmind, however, start looking intopolicies when you turn age 60. Tohelp pay the premiums, review yourlife insurance needs; if your house ispaid off and your children are on theirown, you may be able to dump excesslife insurance and put the money yousave toward LTC premiums. For afree quote on LTC insurance, contactLong-Term Care Quote (800-587-3279; www.ltcq.net).