Physician's Money Digest, July15 2003, Volume 10, Issue 13

The One-Minute Millionaire

Other tips:

When the fabulously wealthyindustrialist J. Paul Getty was takingfriends to a prestigious museum, hesuggested a walk around the block,when he discovered that, in 10 minutes,the admission price was lower.According to Robert Allen, author of($19.95;Crown Group; 2002), taking advantageof bargains like that is just oneway the rich get rich. The affluentalso shun debt, realizing that the realcost of anything bought on creditusually far exceeds the price tag onthe item. Set up a regularmonthly investment plan that letsyour nest egg grow, and keep a sharpeye on spending. Reviewing yourfinances frequently can help you trimthe fat from your budget.