House Call How-To

Physician's Money DigestDecember31 2004
Volume 11
Issue 24

A Physician's

Complete Guide to a Successful Medical House Call


For physicians interestedin setting up a house callpractice, there is some practicaladvice available. Drawingon 6 years of experience indeveloping a successful housecall business model, James Egidio, executive directorof Las Vegas-based HouseCall Doctors, LLC (866-333-0447;, has createdthe comprehensive business manual ($139; Hippocrates Publishing; 877-408-2460;

According to Edigo, house call practitioners can net$150,000 annually seeing seven to 10 patients a day.The 250-page manual explains how to set up and run ahouse call practice, including such topics as legalrequirements, record keeping, finances, and marketing.

The guide is not only aimed at doctors interested indeveloping strictly house-call practices. Edigo maintainsthat by offering house calls, doctors can make theiroffice-based practice more appealing to their patients.

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