Causes of Divorce

Physician's Money DigestFebruary15 2003
Volume 10
Issue 3

What are some of the causes ofdivorce in physician marriages? That'snot an easy question. However, thefollowing are some factors that cancontribute to divorce:

• Family history of divorce—Someresearch documents a higher rate ofdivorce in adults whose parents divorcedwhile they were growing up.

• Immaturity—One or both of thepartners married at a tender age andthey don't have the life skills, capacityto postpone, ability to forgive, moralstrength, wisdom, and restraint tolove unconditionally and exclusively.

• Overwork—When the physicianis constantly unavailable, communicationbreaks down at home. A lack ofcommunication can leave both partnersfeeling vulnerable, which in turncan lead to an affair, drinking, drugs,depression, etc.

• Homosexuality—When the physicianor their spouse admits to beinggay, there's good reason for terminatingthe marriage.

• Abuse—Verbal, emotional, physical,and sexual abuse affects all societalclasses and can not only destroy amarriage, but lives as well.

• Psychiatric illness (including alcoholismand other drug dependence)—Mental illness and divorce are linked.

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