Physician's Money Digest, February15 2003, Volume 10, Issue 3


When it comes time to close thedeal on your new home, you mayfind yourself writing a hefty check tocover the closing costs. According, you should keep inmind that shopping for a mortgage isa lot like buying a car—almost everythingis negotiable. But comparingcosts isn't as easy with mortgages asit is with cars. Even if you shoparound, you have to figure out thevarying terms the mortgage lendersuse. Some charge an all-inclusive"processing fee," while others maybreak charges down into "administrative"fees and "document preparation"fees. In addition to the lender'sclosing charges, there are also costsfor third parties, such as attorney'sfees, appraisal costs, and title insurance.The better your creditrecord, the better your chances are ofwhittling closing costs down to size.