Physician's Money DigestFebruary15 2003
Volume 10
Issue 3

If your family is growing too bigfor the car you leased a year or 2 ago,or if you're just tired of the old thing,buying your way out of your lease isan expensive option. If you're seriousabout bailing out of your auto lease,try LeaseTrading.com, which willlist your car, truck, or SUV for a 1-time fee of $39.95. Once you and apotential buyer agree on a bid, youpay a $75 fee, and a $100 completionfee once the deal is sealed.Looking to assume a lease? You mayfind some bargains, particularly ifthe seller is willing to pay you anupfront cash incentive. Prospectivelease buyers pay a 1-time $24.95credit application fee, plus anycharges that the leaseholder mayimpose to transfer the lease.

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