Physician's Money DigestFebruary15 2003
Volume 10
Issue 3

Morningstar Guide to

Mutual Funds: 5-Star

Strategies for Success

(Wiley; 2003; $24.95)

By Christine Benz, Peter Di Teresa,and Russel Kinnel

Wouldn't it be nice to have savvymutual fund advisors whisperingin your ear to advise what to look for,what to buy and sell, when to do it, andhow to create that "diversified portfolio"everyone talks about. With lastyear's market funk and accountingscandals, physician-investors are understandablyshaken, feeling cautious andconfused. Are mutual funds worth theirweight, and which ones are right foryour individual portfolio?

Morningstar, an independent investmentresearch firm and advocate of theindividual investor, has responded tothese concerns with its new guidebookfor investing in the 21stcentury. For the first timein book form, Morningstardraws on its 20 yearsof expertise to help investorsunderstand mutualfunds and use them to reach theirfinancial goals, providing insights intotop fund companies, proven strategiesfrom seasoned pros, and smart tactics tohelp develop truly diversified portfolios.

Topics include

Through lively anecdotes and clearpresentations, the book helps investorsof all levels by providing unique, comprehensivefund analysis. :Familiarizing yourself with fundmanagers, keeping fund costs in check,minimizing tax stings, diversificationstrategies, finding options beyond thecore (eg, sector funds), recognizingbond-fund choices, rebalancing a portfolio,and knowing when it's time tobuy or sell.

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