Physician's Money DigestFebruary15 2003
Volume 10
Issue 3

So far, 0% financing is the buzzwordof 2003. It started with cars,and now it's spreading to a wholelineup of consumer goods, fromelectronics to furniture. Just aboutevery domestic automaker is hyping0%-financing deals, and many willlet you drive away a new car withoutmaking a down payment and nothaving to make any loan paymentsfor 3 months or longer. Retailers,especially those that deal in big-ticketitems, are climbing on thebandwagon, and even credit cardcompanies are crowding into theact. Discover Card ( is offering new applicantsa card with no finance charges for thefirst 5 months of this year. Discoveralso comes with other perks—noannual fee and cash rebates on purchases.Check out forother available credit card deals.

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