Remodel or Move?

Physician's Money DigestApril15 2005
Volume 12
Issue 7

Remodel or Move?


Your home that you fell in love withyears ago is starting to lose its charm.Whether for want of space or a freshlook, you and yourfamily are growingdisenchanted. So, doyou give the near anddear home a faceliftor pack up andmove? It's a toughcall, one that involvessentimental and financialconsideration. There are a fewhelpful resources doctors can turn to. Thebook ($15.95; ABCDPublishing LLC; 2005) outlines importantmatters to consider and includes ahelpful glossary of terms and a list ofadditional Web resources. Visit the book'sWeb site ( anduse its online calculators to figure outyour best scenario. If you don't mindthe inconveniences of remodeling, it'soften the more economical option.

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