Reading Room: Morningstar's Fearless Investing Series

Physician's Money DigestApril15 2005
Volume 12
Issue 7

As a physician, you're most likelyaware of the many phobias thatexist. If you haven't started a seriousinvestment plan yet, you may be a sufferinginvestment-phobe. But don't panic,with a little help you can overcome yourfears and get on the right track.

Fearless Investing


Find the Right

Mutual Funds, Diversify Your Fund


Maximize Your Fund


Morningstar's new is a helpful trio of workbooks tohelp the timid investor develop aninvestment game plan that's right forthem. The series is written to giveinvestment newcomers an introductionto the process, but it will also appeal toseasoned investors. Although the threebooks in the series—and —are designed to be read insuccession, they can be just as usefulread individually.

Each book is split into four sections (ie,lessons, facts, quizzes, and worksheets)and provides key instructions and conceptsto help investors gain useful marketknowledge that they can eventuallyapply to their portfolios. The books takeyou through a step-by-step process ofchoosing your ideal funds. By the end ofthe third book, you should have a muchbetter insight on where your investmentportfolio stands and what you need todo in the future to make it as successfulas possible.

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