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Physician's Money DigestMay 2005
Volume 12
Issue 8

There are two things to rememberwhen pitching. The first thing is touse the bounce correctly. Bounce isthe angle of difference between the backedge and the leading edge of the golf club.It allows the club to slide through theground and not dig into the turf. The secondthing is that there is no weight transferduring a pitch shot unless you're making afull swing. Instead, you should keep centeredand feel the weight in your left thigh.


For a pitch shot, you want to makesure you get it right. On the back swing,the shoulders and arms swing back whilethe head is kept still. The left shoulderand club head start back at the sametime. On the down swing, the shouldersand hips turn together while the headremains still—hold the finish. The lengthof the back swing and the speed the shouldersand hips turn control the distance.

To improve your technical ability, puta golf ball on a tee and place a small towelunder both armpits. Making a smoothhalf-swing, hit the ball with a sand wedge.The towels will stay under the armpits andthe tee will be clipped out of the ground ifthe shot is carried out correctly. The towelsallow the bigger muscles to worktogether and limit the golfer's hand andwrist motion during the pitch shot.

Adrian Davies,

a current PGA tour instructor, has

coached players on professional tours worldwide,

including winners on the PGA, European, and

nationwide tours. He can be reached at

adavies@corporatetiger.com, or for more information

visit www.corporatetiger.com.

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