Spotlight on Medical School Romance

Physician's Money DigestJune2005
Volume 12
Issue 9

First comes love, then comes marriage,then comes 4 years in medicalschool. Sound familiar?

Physician's Money


Intimate Relationships in

Medical School: How to Make Them


Having a serious relationship whileyou're in medical school can be difficult.Thus, there's a need for a tome specifi-cally written for couples who strugglewith balancing study and intimacy. Inhis usual style, columnist Michael F. Myers,MD, brings struggling couples to life onthe written page and provides the readerwith valuable relationship advice inhis book, (2000; Sage Publications; $28.95).

The book, which is part of a seriescalled Surviving Medical School, can be avaluable resource for both the medicalstudent and resident. The 16 chaptersexplore a number of relationship-relatedissues, including communication, listening,physical intimacy, and time management.There's also information on how tofind a competent counselor or therapist aswell as suggestions for additional reading.

Intimate Relationships in

Medical School

Medical couples aren't immune tothe stress associated with higher learning.It's a balancing act many individualsneed help pulling off. Those whoneed help meeting the challenge willfind practical wisdom in the pages ofDr. Myers'.

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