Home Improvement 101

Physician's Money DigestJune2005
Volume 12
Issue 9

First things


It seems today that a house isn't ahome until it's been renovated. So, doctors,what's next on your home projectchecklist? Maybe it's time to update thecabinets in your kitchen or lay downnew tile in the bathroom. Whateverredesign your home is calling for thesedays, it's important to keep in mind thatyou don't always get back what you putin. For example, finishing the basementdoesn't attract the kind of cash addingon an extra room does. Other improvementprojects that can increase thevalue of your home when it comes timeto sell include landscaping your yard,remodeling the kitchen, and building agarage. If you're thinking about makinga few home improvements before puttingyour house on the market, however,look before you leap. You'll need to investigate the currentreal estate market. In a slow market,don't expect potential buyers to beas impressed with your perfectlyaligned azaleas.

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