Reading Room: Live It Up without Outliving Your Money!

Physician's Money DigestJune2005
Volume 12
Issue 9

Live It Up without

Outliving Your Money!

Need an instruction manualto successfully build yourretirement? Paul Merriman,president of Merriman CapitalManagement, has written anew book, (Wiley;2005), that attempts to educateeveryone on how tohandle their money so they don't outliveit. Merriman outlines a step-by-stepapproach to managing your finances—from identifying your goals to buildingan asset allocation portfolio—so you canlive comfortably in your retirementyears. The book takes you through thatcrucial life change when you stopputting money into your portfolio andstart counting on it as asource of income. The bookalso presents interestingpoints on why some investorssucceed and some don't, andlists traps that investors fallinto. Merriman bases his adviceon 75 years of financialdata, taking an analytical approachto arrive at samplings of the perfectfunds for your portfolio. The bookuses several easy-to-understand tablesand graphs on a multitude of differentportfolio facts. By the time you turn thelast page, you should have a muchfirmer understanding of what steps youneed to take to curb your financial worriesin retirement.

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