Canine Coverage

Physician's Money Digest, June2005, Volume 12, Issue 9

Going to the dogs:


Health insurance isn't just forhumans anymore. Physician-pet ownerscan now insure their furry four-leggedfamily members. Companies like Veterinary Pet Insurance(800-872-7387; animal lovers the opportunity topurchase a policy for their beloved cat,dog, bird, or exotic pet. Annual premiumsare based on the pet and typicallyrun between $100 and $500. The veterinaryservices covered by the insuranceinclude laboratory tests, hospitalization,office visits, prescriptions, and treatments.If buying insurance for yourhealthy 2-year-old iguana seems like awaste of money, you're not alone in yourthinking. magazine points outthat sometimes the policy costs morethan members'yearly vet bill. So, whatinfluences owners to pick up a policy fortheir pet? Although taking care of Scruffywhen he's healthy won't break the piggybank, providing for him when he's seriouslyill can prove very costly. That'swhen pet insurance comes in handy.