Find Your Happiness Aboard a Houseboat

Physician's Money DigestJanuary15 2003
Volume 10
Issue 1

Cynics say owning a boat is like standing in a coldshower while tearing up $100 bills. So, why notuse someone else's? Rent a houseboat that is carefree,uncomplicated, and already on the waterwayyou've always dreamed of cruising. Fly or drive in,unpack once, and float away in comfort and privacy.Then pack and leave, letting others sweat the boat'scleaning and maintenance.

Typically when you rent a houseboat, you get abedroom, living room with sleeper sofa, full kitchen,and 2 or more bunks. While houseboats sleep 10 or 12people, they only accommodate a few—especially ifthere's only 1 bathroom. So look before you book,because only a few fleets offer multiple bathrooms.

Aboard you'll find boating is all about solitude,serenity, and taking control of your life. It's not oftenyou have the opportunity to observe deer as theysteal down to the water for a drink at dawn. Or spendstill nights stargazing while strumming your guitar.Even if your only hobby is curling up with a goodbook, the houseboat provides a failsafe hideaway.

Your houseboat will offer you a number of funactivities on board and off. Swim, fish, or snorkel,bringing your day-sailor, bass boat, or kayak along.Collect rocks, driftwood, and seashells. Practice newrecipes in the galley. Explore ghost towns that areaccessible only by water. Let your kids take a turn atthe wheel and teach them navigation, piloting, andboating etiquette. Think of your houseboat as an RVthat floats, providing all the comforts of home withoutthe frustrations of the highway.


For more information, go to or In addition, youmay want to check out magazine, whichpublishes an annual rental guide each December.

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