Physician's Money DigestJuly 2006
Volume 13
Issue 7

57%—Percentage of personsemployed in the United States whoexpect to earn more money in 2006.(Experian-Gallup poll, 2005)

30%—Percentage of workers whoanticipate receiving a raise in 2006.(Experian-Gallup poll, 2005)

1337—Number of words in theDeclaration of Independence. (JacksonHewitt, 2006)

17%—Percentage of consumerswho wouldn't recommend theirinsurer to their friends. (Accenture andSAP, 2006)

$60 billion—Amount ofmoney advertisers will spend on TVads in 2006. (Universal McCann, 2006)

50.9%—Percentage of computerssold in 2005 that were laptops, thefirst time laptop sales have outpaceddesktops. (Newsweek, 2006)

5743—Number of known speciesof frogs. (Time, 2006)

$853.7 billion—Amountof money in China's foreign currencyreserves, which is the world's largest.(Time, 2006)

$202 billion—Amount ofChina's trade surplus with the UnitedStates in 2005. (Time, 2006)

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