Put Your Money Where Your Car Is

Physician's Money DigestFebruary 2007
Volume 14
Issue 2

With all the safety devices physicianshave in their cars, like flares, car jacks, anddeicers, they should consider investing in anew product that could keep them safe andsave a lot of time. A dead car battery canmean a delayed practitioner or a strandedspouse, and using jumper cables can meanstanding in the rain or stomping throughsnow—and the cables require anotheridling car. With these difficulties in mind,Black & Decker® has introduced the SmartStart battery booster. The Smart Start issmall enough to fit in your glove box andconnects directly to your auxiliary outlet, soyou never have to step outside your vehicle.The device is chargeable from any outletwith a 12-volt DC vehicle converter or 120-volt AC household charger, and withrechargeable batteries, the Smart Start iseasy to revitalize. An audible beep andbuilt-in LED display lets the stranded driverknow when their battery is charged. Withsafety and convenience in mind, physiciansshould consider investing in Black &Decker's Smart Start.

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