In the Green: The Future of Carpooling

Physician's Money DigestJanuary31 2004
Volume 11
Issue 2

Inspired by the growing concern for the environment and the amount of carbon dioxide emitted by cars, Zipcar founder Robin Chase has created GoLoco is an online networking site where drivers and riders can get together to share rides, long-distance trips, or even to run simple errands, to save fuel and money. Some problems with the idea are immediately evident. People may be hesitant to trust those met on the site, there might not be enough members to make connections easy, and it just may be too much effort than just jumping in your car when you need to go out. Chase, however, feels that it's just a matter of time before these kinks are worked out. Built-in safety measures include a detailed sign-up process that includes providing a photo and a voice recording. There is a member review system, and members list friends, trusted drivers, or passengers they've had a good experience with. Over time, in theory, a large network of connected, trusted members will form. The site may work best for those members whom already know each other off the site but can use the site to set up driving "dates."

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