Managing Chronic Pain: Practical Considerations to Improve Treatment Outcomes - Episode 13

Anticonvulsants in Management of Neuropathic Pain

The panelists discuss the benefits of anticonvulsants in the treatment of neuropathic pain as well as the risks associated with the medications.

Christopher Gharibo, MD, says it is important for doctors to select the right anticonvulsant depending on the patient’s needs.

“There’s already a pill burden that they take on a regular basis because of their other medical problems,” he noted of his patients. “So my general approach is to keep it as simple as possible. And with that, of course, compliance is key.”

During the discussion Gharibo said he prefers prescribing a once-daily anticonvulsant, which many of the patients agreed with. As with other facets of treatment, the panelists agree that an individual approach rather than broad treatment directions is the best option for various aspects of pain management.