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Banafsheh Kashani, MD: The Prevalence of Infertility

One in every 8 couples may have infertility.

Banafsheh Kashani, MD

One in every 8 couples may have infertility. That statistic, however, is based on people who actually go to a clinic and seek services. There are likely more people who have been trying to conceive for more than 1 year or 2 who just never sought help for the issue.

“If you’re in a room with 10 people, at least 1 of them is going to have infertility,” Banafsheh Kashani, MD, a board-certified OB/GYN at Eden Facility Centers, said in a recent interview with HCPLive®.

At least one-third of the time, it could be contributed to a male factor. It is extremely important for men not to skip semen analysis, as about 33% of the time, it is due to issues with the male.

When patients present at the clinic, the biggest thing they often wonder is what the success rate is of the treatment.

A big concern is to have to go through treatment and it did not result in pregnancy. To get testing done and not have success, it is very difficult for a lot of patients.

The age of the woman is what leads to treatment success. It is the most important factor, Kashani said. The older the woman, the more likely the treatment is to fail.

Watch the full clip below to learn more about treating fertility and challenges associated with it.