BlackBerries Get Juiced Up With Social Networking App


JuiceCaster helps populate your social networking sites with media captured on your phone.

JuiceCaster, a social media application, has recently become available for BlackBerry users. Right now, JuiceCaster for BlackBerries is in beta and works only with the Curve, but will support other models soon. What does it do? It helps populate your social networking sites with media captured on your phone.

I first saw JuiceCaster demonstrated over a year and a half ago. I was not a Facebook user at the time, so it seemed cool, but nothing I was ever going to have an immediate need for. Now that I am plugged into multiple online social networks, having one way to manage them all is a necessity. Enter JuiceCaster.

JuiceCaster lets mobile phone users capture pictures and videos, and share them instantly with their online social networks, including Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Photobucket, Hi5, Blogger, Orkut, and a number of other Web sites.

JuiceCaster has been available to other platforms for a while now, but only just added support for the BlackBerry OS. U.S. users of the BlackBerry Curve (the AT&T and Verizon Wireless versions of it) will be able to sign up for the free beta, but only for a limited time.

JuiceCaster will let BlackBerry users post mobile video and picture updates directly to Facebook and Twitter; broadcast video and picture status updates, and inviting friends and non-members to "follow" updates; create unique custom groups (e.g. fantasy football, work friends, family) to send group video and picture messages to mobile phones, email, and online social network; instant video and picture blogging to personal blogs or websites; search and view videos and pictures on the Blackberry device; and connect with friends in real-time, and interact with new people on JuiceCaster.

"The Blackberry is a device with great data capabilities," said Nick Desai, CEO of Juice Wireless, in a prepared statement. "Our mobile application [is] a utility that enables users to interact in socially intelligent ways. From posting live video and picture updates, and following members' status updates, to media-rich blogging, Blackberry users can lifecast on the go with JuiceCaster."

Keeping up with all your personal and professional social networks can certainly be a chore. Being able to perform updates from your mobile phone can be a great help. JuiceCaster lets you manage multiple different networks from one application. Neat-o.

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