Cardiology Case Report: Diabetic Ketoacidosis in Older Patient


This cardiology case report from Brady Pregerson, MD, features a man in his mid-80s presenting with tachypnea and diabetic ketoacidosis. Check out the ECG and determine the correct diagnosis!


A patient in their mid-80’s with a history of DM and dementia is brought to the hospital with tachypnea and glucose >800. He is a poor historian but denies any chest pain, abdominal pain or vomiting. He admits to being a little SOB but denies other complaints.


Vital signs show pulse around 115 and a soft BP. The physical exam shows dry oropharynx and basilar rales on lung auscultations with mild peripheral edema

An ECG is Done:

ECG of an elderly patient brought to the hospital with diabetic ketoacidosis

Computer Read: Sinus tach, LAD, inferior and antero-septal infarct age undetermined

What is the most likely cause of the ECG findings in this patient?

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