Cardiology Month in Review: July 2022


Our cardiology month in review spotlights the most popular content from the past month. The top content from July 2022 includes hormone therapy guidance from NAMS, a look at the potential for increased risk of kidney damage with a popular statin, and a recap of upcoming decisions and trials of interest in cardiometabolic from the second half of 2022.

Top Content of July 2022

1. HDPs Linked to Worsened Risk of Chronic Hypertension Later in Life

Dr. Gregory Weiss provides perspective on a recent study suggesting women with gestational hypertension were at an increased risk of chronic hypertension later in life.

2. Don't Miss a Beat: Understanding GFR Slope, with Brendon Neuen, MBBS, MSc

In the latest edition of Don’t Miss a Beat, our hosts are joined by special guest Brendon Neuen, MBBS, MSc, of the George Institute of Global Health, who takes them on a deep dive into the use of GFR slope and the ongoing FIND-CKD trial.

3. Study Details Increased Risk of Kidney Damage with Rosuvastatin

An NIDDK-funded analysis of data from the Optum Labs Data Warehouse is sounding the alarm on the potential increase in risk of kidney damage observed with use of rosuvastatin that was not observed with other statin therapies.

4. Cardiometabolic Decisions and Trials to Watch for Second Half of 2022

At the start of July, we composed a list highlighting the cardiometabolic pipeline for the remainder of 2022. Our list includes upcoming decisions, including PDUFA dates for furosemide and other agents, and potential data releases from highly-anticipated trials, including DELIVER and EMPA-KIDNEY.

5. Preprocedural CT Can Improve LAAO Success Rate

A retrospective analysis of data from more than 480 LAAO procedures using the Watchman device provides insight into the benefits of preprocedural CT imaging compared to stand-alone TEE.

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