Crisis Point: Obesity Crisis


The first iteration of Crisis Point addresses the obesity crisis in the United States and beyond, with expert interviews and discussion.

If the crisis point is the moment at which a crisis will worsen or begin to get better, there’s only one question to ask: Where are we now?

Enter HCPLive® Crisis Point, an in-depth mini-docuseries. The series takes a comprehensive look into different public health crises in the United States, with worldwide implications.

The 4-part iteration of the docuseries tackled the obesity crisis head-on, from the scope of the issue to its clinical burdens and regional differences and wrapped up with a drawn-out blueprint of what might need to be done to resolve the crisis.

From conversations on the medical definition of the obesity disease to the larger framework of the impact of the disease, both locally and globally.

Or, maybe you'll be more interested in conversations on the burdens clinicians face in care, from the multidisciplinary care approach, bariatric surgical options, and the limitations of body mass index (BMI).

Then, regional differences are identified, from complications in the relationship of food insecurity and nutritional ability, as well as the connection to poverty. Specifically, differences between the United States and third-world countries are discussed and the use of the word "food desert."

Ultimately, the blueprint is mapped out, with focus on breaking the stigma of obesity, the potential benefits of better food production, and what policy the US government can implement that may decrease rates of the disease.

Of course, the stars of the series are the advocates and experts in the obesity care space, from bariatric surgery to public health professionals, who have proven their expertise and provided their unique insights into the care that goes into a health crisis.

These included:

  • Jose Aleman, MD, Assistant Professor, NYU Langone Health
  • Louis Aronne, MD, Chief Medical Officer of Intellihealth and Medical Director, Comprehensive Weight Control Center, Weill Cornell Medical Center
  • Shauna Downs, PhD, Assistant Professor, Rutgers School of Public Health
  • Hans Schmidt, MD, Division Chief, Bariatric Surgery, Hackensack University Medical Center
  • Jun Tashiro, MD, Pediatric Surgeon, Hassenfeld Children’s Hospital, NYU Langone Health

Although the complexity of a public health crisis is vast, Crisis Point is aiming to narrow that gap between the problem and hopefully, a solution.

Thanks for watching HCPLive® Crisis Point. Stay tuned for the next iteration.

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