On Difficult Patients

Wouldn’t it be nice if everyone had a great attitude and managed to get along with others all the time? Is there a possibility that this could happen or is it just wishful thinking? It’s unrealistic to think that every patient coming to your medical practice will be kind and considerate.

No matter how difficult a patient is, it’s your role to ensure he/she is treated well and is satisfied with the encounter in your office. Here are some guidelines when dealing with all patients:

• Acknowledge the patient has a complaint or issue

• Keep your cool, losing your temper is not an option

• Allow the patient to vent and exhaust anger

• Move the patient away from other patients

• Keep the discussion to the issue at hand

• Don’t interrupt

• Use silence to invite candid conversation

• Use humor appropriately

• Use specific phrases

What you say and how you say it can turn a difficult situation into a positive encounter. Watch your actions as well as your words.

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