eAbstract: Resequencing Microarray for Detection of Human Adenoviruses in Patients with Conjunctivitis

Resequencing microarrays are as effective as PCR for detecting HAdV in conjunctival swabs, according to the authors of this study.

Journal: Journal of Clinical Virology (March 2010)

Authors: Woo P, Lau S, Choi G, et al

Purpose: To determine if high-density resequencing microarray will detect viruses in conjunctival swabs for patients with conjunctivitis.

Results: The use of resequencing microarray was as effective as PCR for the detection of HAdV in conjunctival swabs. However, unlike viral culture and hexon gene PCR sequencing, “resequencing microarray was not able to differentiate the type and species of HAdV.”

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