Election 2016: Three Gun Control Measures Pass


In the wake of several mass murders with guns, three states passed new gun control laws. The American Medical Association's delegates this summer agreed that gun violence is a public health problem in the US and urged physicians to be activists.

Horrifying incidents of mass shootings in the US, including the June 12 attack on a gay club in Orlando, FL that left 49 people dead led the American Medical Association’s House of Delegates to condemn gun violence as a public health problem.

The hope was that physicians would take a more activist role in gun control and help shift the national mood to one in which more laws restricting gun ownership might be passed.

In the Nov. 8 election four states’ ballot initiatives asked voters to approve tougher gun laws, and one was defeated.

Voters in California passed Proposition 63, calling for a prohibition of possessing large-capacity ammunition magazines and requiring certain individuals to pass a background check to buy ammunition.

The measure passed easily, with 64.2% of voters approving in and 37.38% opposed.

Nevada voters supported a measure requiring firearms transfers to go through a licensed gun dealer, though transfers between immediatel family members are exempted. It was a close vote, with 50.45% saying yes (558,586 votes) and 548,685 (49.55%) opposed.

Washington State voters approved a ballot measure that would allow judges to issue orders taking guns away from individuals deemed a threat to public safety. These seizures would be done on a temporary basis.

In Maine, voters turned down a proposal to require background checks before a gun sale or transfer between people who are not licensed firearms dealers. There would have several exceptions that would have included “emergency self-defense” transfers between family members, or exchanges while the parties involved were hunting or sport shooting. It was defeated by 51.78% to 48.22%.

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