Gadget Watch

ONCNG OncologyJanuary 2010
Volume 11
Issue 0110

Three hot gadgets for Oncologists

The First Multi-touch Mouse

For faster manipulation of patient records and imaging, try Magic Mouse, Apple’s new multi-touch wireless mouse, which retails for approximately $65. Its content interaction technology matches the iPhone and iPod, with simple finger gestures controlling onscreen features. One- and two-finger motions allow scrolling, zooming, and swiping through Webpages or images. An internal chip differentiates between the various finger commands. Magic Mouse’s entire surface is a button, so users can click or double-click anywhere on the top shell. Its powerful laser tracking eliminates the need for a mousepad. With no mousepad and no cord, Magic Mouse frees your workspace from restrictive clutter. If you are interested in obtaining more information about the Magic Mouse, visit


With VoiceFactor voice-recognition technology, your computer recognizes the sound of your voice and instantly creates reports,e-mails, patient evaluations, prescriptions, spreadsheets, and more. The speech-to-text technology composes documents without typos at the speed of your voice. VoiceFactor consultants tailor packages to meet an individual practice’s needs. Continual support is offered through training videos, online and in-house training sessions, and a helpline. VoiceFactor packages also include Text Aloud Speech Technology, in which a voice reads text aloud from your monitor. Another feature, Voice Shortcuts, performs Web searches in response to your voice commands. Use the technology on the go with Bluetooth and other wireless devices. To check out these and other VoiceFactor products and applications, visit

ORBTM Wireless Earpiece Ring

In 2010, technology bling is coming to a store near you with the ORBTM wireless earpiece ring. The ORBTM is a ring that twists open into a Bluetooth headset. Designers Hybra Advance Technology, Inc and AbsolutelyNew are even releasing limited-edition models with decorative gemstones. The comfortable, noninvasive ORB rests outside the ear, using bone-conducting technology to deliver high- quality sound. All models come in multiple ring sizes and have class 2 Bluetooth range (approximately 30 ft). The deluxe edition offers voice-to-text technology and a display screen featuring caller ID and texts. ORB was named the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2010 Best of Innovation winner in the wireless handsets accessories category. Look for basic editions in January for $129.00 and deluxe models in April for $175.00. For more information, visit

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