Gadget Watch

ONCNG OncologyApril 2010
Volume 11
Issue 4

Three hot Gadgets

HTC Desire

The boisterous crowing from camp Apple can deafen consumers to iPhone alternatives; however, the Google-backed Android operating system has been gaining traction. The new crown jewel in the emerging Android empire is the HTC Desire. Due to marked similarities in appearance and functionality, the Desire is considered a “cousin” to Google’s Nexus One. The Desire measures 119 mm x 60 mm x 11.9 mm and weighs 135 g (with battery). It has a 3.7- inch AMOLED multi-touch screen, 3G Internet, an optical trackpad, 576 MB of RAM, 512 MB ROM, a 5-megapixel camera, and is Bluetooth enabled. The Desire runs on a 1 GHz Snapdragon processor and its HTC Sense interface allows users to personalize their phone experience using various widgets. Thousands of apps are available through the handset itself or Android Market, Android’s “through the looking glass” version of iTunes App Store. If the constant buzz surrounding cell phones and brain cancer has you worried, rest assured, the Desire’s radiation emission, as measured by its specifi c absorption rate (SAR), is 1.12 W/kg, which is below the FCC’s maximum allowance of 1.6 W/kg. If you decide to join Team Android, keep abreast of updates; phone models quickly become obsolete in emerging technology markets.

CanoScan 8800F Flatbed Scanner

Looking for a scanner that will allow you to enhance, electronically file, or e-mail patient imaging? Canon’s CanoScan 8800F Flatbed Scanner creates scans in seconds with a resolution of up to 4800 x 9600 color dpi. Its 48-bit color depth produces over 281 trillion possible colors and included software can enhance resolution to 19,200 color dpi. The 8800F’s frame measures 10.7 inches (width) x 18.9 inches (depth) x 4.0 inches (height), and the unit weighs 9.2 pounds. Seven large function buttons automate the scanning process, making it easy to scan, copy, and create e-mails and PDFs. You can batch-scan up to twelve 35-mm frames or up to 4 slides. Built- in retouching technology improves image quality by removing imperfections such as dust and scratches.

The 8800F is compatible with multiple Windows and Mac operating systems. High-luminance white LED lamps eliminate the always-frustrating machine warm-up period. This convenience also lowers energy consumption, a Canon goal under its new Generation Green initiative. Also on the “Go Green” front, the 8800F is Energy Star qualified, which means it meets energy efficiency guidelines set by the US Environmental Protection Agency and the US Department of Energy. Canon offers warranties of varying length and technical support for the 8800F via e-mail and phone.

Jawbone Icon

Need a clear, hands-free mobile connection to your office when you are on the go? You may want to try the Jawbone Icon wireless Bluetooth headset. The Icon’s NoiseAssassin military-grade technology eliminates ambient sound so your voice is clear regardless of your surroundings. The device’s standard specs are 45 mm x 18.25 mm x 24 mm and 8.2 g, and syncing it with your phone should be quick and easy. The Icon package includes an assortment of rubber rings for various ear sizes and an optional hook for additional stabilization. The earpiece should get up to 4.5 hours of talk time and up to 10 days of standby time. Enviros will appreciate the Icon’s 100% recyclable packaging. Consumers can choose between six named designs varying in color and texture: the Catch, the Rogue, the Hero, the Thinker, the Bombshell, and the Ace. These monikers also correspond to the different voices with which the Icon communicates the battery’s charge level or incoming call numbers. Changing the voice entails using an app, as the Icon is the first Bluetooth earpiece to offer the popular downloadable software add-ons. Uploading the few available apps involves a somewhat tedious process requiring hookup with your Mac or PC; however, you will appreciate the personalization.

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