HCPLive and APAC to Host Pre-ACC Tweet Chat

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Join us April 01 on Twitter for a pre-meeting Tweet chat ahead of the American College of Cardiology's 2024 annual meeting!

We are partnering up with the Academy of Physician Associates in Cardiology (APAC) for a Tweet Chat ahead of the American College Cardiology's 2024 Annual Meeting! Join us on April 01, 2024 from 8-9 PM ET where we will be discussing the most anticipated data and sessions, tips and tricks for first-time attendees, and more at this year’s meeting!


HCPLive and APAC Twitter Page


Monday, April 01, 2024 from 8-9 PM ET

How Does It Work:

Beginning at 8 PM, and every 6 minutes after, a new question will be posted on the HCPLive Twitter/X account: @HCPLiveNews. There will be 10 total questions included in this pre-meeting Tweet/X chat.

Reply directly to each question when they're posted to the @HCPLiveNews account or use the #PreAccChat hashtag and our social media moderators will be sure to retweet and reply to bring you into the conversation.

Questions and Posting Times:

8:00 PM ET: If you could recommend one peer's upcoming presentation or talk at #ACC24, who would it be and why?

8:06 PM ET: What advice do you have for medical students or early-career professionals attending #ACC24 for the first time?

8:12 PM ET: What is one study from ACC 23 that influenced the way you practiced in the last year?

8:18 PM ET: CLEAR Outcomes headlined ACC 23, what late-breaker do you expect to be the most discussed this year and why?

8:24 PM ET: Outside of late-breaking data, what session or sessions are you most looking forward to at this year's meeting?

8:30 PM ET: Are there any conditions or topics you think should be a more prominent focal point at this year's meeting?

8:36 PM ET: What trial from ACC 24 do you think we will be talking about most 5 years from now?

8:42 PM ET: What makes the ACC meeting unique compared to the other flagship meetings in cardiology?

8:48 PM ET: What emerging drug class are you most interested in learning more about from #ACC24?

8:52 PM ET: If you could have dinner with any pioneer in cardiology, living or deceased, who would it be and what question would you ask them?

Who Is Involved:

The event is free and open to the public, but various members of APAC leadership will be acting as moderators during the event.

What Do I Need to Register:

No registration required! Simply engage with colleagues in the comments following each!

Who Can Join:

Any cardiology professionals, fellows, medical students, or providers practicing in or with an interest in cardiology can join the discussion!

What If I Cannot Attend:

The active discussion takes place on April 01, 2024, but a recap of the conversations from the evening will be posted to HCPLive on the morning of April 05—the official start of the ACC 2024 annual meeting.

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