Henry Lim, MD: Outlook on the Future for Photoprotection


A discussion with Henry Lim, MD, during an interview segment in which he described photoprotection measures for various skin phenotypes and his outlook on future research.

In this latest segment of his interview on HCPLive, Henry Lim, MD, described his outlook on photoprotection research for varying skin phenotypes.

The interview was conducted regarding data Lim described in his 2023 Winter Clinical Dermatology conference presentation titled ‘Seminar-in-Depth: Photoprotection for All Skin Phenotypes.’

Lim works as a dermatologist and as Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs at the Henry Ford Health System in Detroit, Michigan.

After discussing the different regulations of Europe compared to the US concerning sunscreen ingredients, Lim summarized his overall view about sunscreen use.

“What I do want to emphasize is that based on currently available data, both sunscreen in the US side and sunscreen in Europe, both of them are equally safe,” he explained. “So I think that they should not be concerned about using sunscreen.”

Lim then went into a discussion about public awareness of the dangers of sun exposure and lack of photoprotection, describing his views on the situation.

“Unfortunately, I think the American Academy of Dermatology, American Cancer Society, and many other agencies have tried very, very hard to do public education,” he stated. “To highlight the negative side effects of sun exposure.”

Lim then added that he did not wish to encourage people to not go out due to fears of sun exposure, noting that cautionary measures are important but not reason enough to stay indoors altogether.

“But my whole point here is that if one goes outside, do sensible photoprotection, like the package I mentioned to you before,” he said. “So even though we have done a lot of public education effort, across the board, to educate still, I think we need to work harder to be able to continue to emphasize to the public the importance of photoprotection.”

Lim also mentioned that he feels optimistic about the future as far as advancements being made for photoprotection, although he stressed that there are roadblocks ahead.

“The challenging part is the regulatory component, because that is not so easy to move along,” he explained. “You know, we at the American Academy of Dermatology have worked quite a bit with the FDA to try to facilitate the advancement of the approval process, to make it easier and so on. But still it is a long road to be able to do that.”

For more information from Lim’s Winter Clinical presentation, view the interview above.

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