Introducing a New Tablet Computer for Docs

The PhreesiaPad is a tablet that lets practice increase collections, capture clear and legible patient documentation, and enhance clinical care & productivity.

The traditional patient check-in process provides a number of challenges for physician practices. Practices must collect $1.00 of every $4.00 in revenue directly from patients; yet 30-40% of patients leave their doctor’s office without paying, according to industry estimates. Many times, practice staff feels uncomfortable asking for money, which is a major reason why practices miss out on patient payments. Additionally, with the traditional method of collecting money, staff workflow is frequently interrupted by having to manually collect payments and print receipts. A new technology is helping put an end to this old process-intensive method, making for a quicker and more productive experience for thousands of doctors and millions of patients across the country, according to Phreesia research that includes studies performed by its business intelligence and data analytics department and based on thousands of surveys.

The PhreesiaPad is a touchscreen tablet from Phreesia that enables medical practices to increase collections, capture clear and legible patient documentation, and enhance clinical care & productivity.

Designed to interface with a physician’s existing and future technology, Phreesia makes it easy for doctors to improve:


— Phreesia automatically checks insurance eligibility and benefits, subsequently calculating the correct copay and allowing the patient to pay directly on the PhreesiaPad—and even make payments towards a balance.




—Phreesia collects 100% legible patient information, such as the patient’s address, emergency contact information, medication history, and reason for visit, to mention a few. Electronic signatures are collected for all practice forms, policies and HIPAA contracts

forms are securely stored and easily retrievable so that they are never lost.

Documentation of patient informationThese


—The PhreesiaPad automates the cumbersome process of administering, scoring and reporting clinical scales before patients enter the exam room. Phreesia ensures that patients answer all-important medical questions, enabling clinicians to stay at the forefront of patient care.

Clinical care

The PhreesiaPad provides a better patient experience as well: 9 out of 10 patients prefer Phreesia to the traditional paper clipboard, according to the previously mentioned Phreesia research. Patients simply tap a screen and select answers rather than having to fill out paper forms. Patients are automatically informed if they have an outstanding payment or copay, and can pay quickly and privately using a familiar card swipe. Returning patients verify information rather than re-enter it, making the check-in process much quicker and easier, and allowing doctors to spend more time focused on delivering care.

As physician practices seek innovative ways to improve the patient check-in process, Phreesia provides a way for practices to increase collections and improve office workflow. Phreesia’s commitment to enhancing the patient experience and enabling clinicians to stay at the forefront of patient makes Phreesia an integral part of any physician practice.

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