iPhone Coming to Verizon, Microsoft Launches Windows 7 Phone

Sean Johnson

Smartphones are dominating the news today, with the announcement of the iPhone headed to the Verizon network and Microsoft's unveiling of their new smartphone.

Smartphones are dominating the news today, as several big announcements have been made this morning.

Let’s start with the big news; it seems that Apple has finally broken down and will begin selling an iPhone to be compatible with the Verizon network. Although there has not been a formal announcement, the New York Times reported that someone close to Apple spoke on the condition of anonymity and stated that the phone will be available to Verizon customers early next year.

Needless to say, this move by Apple will undoubtedly alter the smartphone market, and some are reporting that AT&T, who had an exclusive contract with Apple to provide service for the iPhone for the past few years, could stand to lose $2 billion annually. This is because the smartphone accounts for roughly 14% of AT&T’s total annual revenue.

Apple has been facing mounting pressure to open up the iPhone to more networks now that Google’s Android technology, which powers all the Droid phones, has been slowly but surely capturing more of the smartphone market. Although the iPhone is still the best selling smartphone, capturing 25% of the market, Android phones are collectively winning the race, having accounted for 32% of the new smartphones sold in the US in the last 6 months.

Another reason for the impending iPhone-to-Verizon announcement could be the arrival of the new Windows Phone 7 smartphones. The specifications of the phones were just released a few hours ago, and although Microsoft has failed in the smartphone marketplace several times already, many are reporting that early reviews of the Windows 7 phones have been positive and that Microsoft intends to market them heavily. If successful, the Windows 7 phones will complicate an already crowded smartphone marketplace.

What phone interests you the most? If you have an iPhone with AT&T, will you switch to Verizon’s network when the iPhone is released for their network? Would you consider purchasing one of the Windows 7 phones?

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