Rebecca Kazin, MD: Cosmetic Dermatology Trends, Technologies, and Practices

Rebecca Kazin, MD, offers some insight into her cosmetic dermatology practices, including a new hair product that she developed.

On last month’s Derm Discussions, Brad Glick, DO, brought on cosmetic dermatologist Valerie Callender, MD, to discuss practices in cosmetic dermatology. The conversation centered on Callender’s practice, the challenges faced during the COVID-19 pandemic, and the most frequent procedures performed over these past months.

For this episode, Glick continues this robust discussion on trends and technologies in cosmetic dermatology—this time gauging the experiences and perspective of board-certified dermatologist Rebecca Kazin, MD, Director of Clinical Research of Icon Dermatology and Aesthetics. 

Kazin, an experienced injector and trainer, detailed her own cosmetic practices, breaking down the procedures that are most common for her. She spoke in great length on the use of dermal fillers, including differences in injectables, best application practices, and ways to ensure optimal patient satisfaction.

Glick and Kazin also touched on approaches to related procedures, such as skin tightening, cryolipolysis, and micro-needling, thus highlighting the nuances in care, which methods are most effective, and how to navigate the patient-doctor dialgoue.

The conversation spotlighted a hair product that Kazin developed with the intention of offering an over-the-counter hydrocortisone washout for dry scalp and related conditions. She offered some thoughts on its cosmetic and dermatologic potential and described its journey from inception to marketing.

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