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Issue #2 of MD Magazine, the iPad-only magazine that celebrates the lifestyle and culture of being a physician, is available for download at iTunes.

-- the reimagined lifestyle guide for physicians, featuring unique articles that celebrate the culture and experience of being a physician -- to your iPad for FREE!

Here’s a sneak peek at the articles and features in issue #2!

By Mike Hennessy

Hennessy says the articles in issue #2 “offer a powerful and sometimes troubling look at the state of modern medical practice today, at least when viewed through the experiences of the physician. They examine several particularly onerous economic, technological, philosophical, clinical, and professional challenges that are currently facing the profession, and make it quite clear that the pressures being exerted on physicians by a wide range of societal forces cannot be withstood for much longer without leading to dire consequences for the profession and the patients it serves.”

Our editors' picks for websites and other online resources that look great on the iPad!

By Neil Versel

Dr. Ryan Flesher, director of The Vanishing Oath, and Dr. Paul Hochfeld, director of Health, Money and Fear, talk about medicine, money, and the threat to the health care system from physician burnout and disillusionment.

By Norman Petty, MD, and Paul Teget, MD

A patient who had already come in to the emergency department once that day complaining of abdominal pain, been treated, and sent home is brought back two hours later, unconscious and in shock. Things just got worse from there. This is the story of how a “rookie mistake” saved one man’s life.

By Enoch Choi, MD

Although the adage that there is no privacy on the Internet is truer than ever, there are several steps that physicians can take to protect their private lives and information while still remaining active online.

By Alan Berkenwald, MD

An idiosyncratic romp through the history of organized medicine, from the earliest followers of Aesculapius through the growing pains of the middle ages and beyond as the healing arts moved beyond the province of mystical adepts and began the long journey toward professionalism. Berkenwald pays special attention to the battle between practitioners of homeopathic and allopathic medicine in the US.

Home Cookin' Wake up Your Cooking with a Cup o’ Joe

By Jane Byron

Coffee fiends, rejoice! You can get your fix in more ways than one. Whether you’re a novice in the kitchen or an Iron Chef-wannabe, try the following coffee-based recipes and you’ll be sure to hit your guests’ G spots. (That’s “G” for gastronomic, of course.)

Dream Vacations¡Bienvenido a Costa Rica!

By Keli Rising

Looking for an ideal vacation getaway that’s close to home but far removed from all of your cares and worries? Consider Costa Rica. What was once a small, relatively unknown country—roughly the size of New Hampshire and Vermont combined—has become a major tourist hotspot within the past 10 years. With coastlines along the Pacific Ocean and Caribbean Sea, Costa Rica features a wide spectrum of ecological environments—beaches, volcanoes, mountains, and rainforests—that make it a unique place to visit.

Physician Voices

Medical Ethics and the Amish Bus Driver Rule

By DrRich

Physicians offer an intimate, personal look at the challenges and rewards of practicing medicine. In this latest installment, DrRich expounds upon the dangers posed by progressive medical ethics.

Daring Dining

More than Fish Tacos: San Diego Surfs a New Wave of Culinary Adventure

By Erin Chambers Smith

San Diego offers more than fresh Mexican food and ocean vistas. This article will tell you what and where to eat next time you’re in town.

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