Looking Forward: Rheumatology Management in 2023


Nehad Soloman, MD, provides final thoughts on what rheumatologists can look forward to in 2023 for rheumatic disease management.

Nehad Soloman, MD: 2023 will bring us a variety of expanded labels, some new agents with different mechanisms of actions as well as delivery systems of mechanisms of actions. I think the focus in 2023 may also be finally coming up with therapeutic alternative payment models so that pathways can be developed to better serve our patients, but also help the overall outcomes in patient care as well as reduce costs. As much as we talk about wanting to do the best for our patients, we also need to be realistic and weigh the pros and cons of the cost burden to society, as well as the cost to patient. Then on the flip side, what a little bit more cost upfront might translate into long-term, as a huge cost savings down the road? I'm excited to see what the next 13, 14 months brings as we close out 2022 and enter into 2023.

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