Which Medical Profession is Attractive to Psychopaths?


Although most health care jobs require caring individuals, there is one that could be attractive to people who are egocentric, manipulative, lack empathy and have stress tolerance.

Although most health care jobs require caring individuals, there is one that could attract psychopaths, according to Business Insider.

The first thing that may spring to mind are the sort of psychopaths who end up becoming murders, but the list of jobs attractive to psychopaths is referring to the types of people who show signs of personality traits common to the personality disorder.

Among the 10 jobs most repellent to psychopaths are care aide, nurse, therapist and doctor. However, there is a medical profession that is attractive to people who lack empathy, are egocentric, manipulative and have stress tolerance.

The fact that there are a number of health care professions on the list of jobs psychopaths avoid isn’t surprising. Those jobs require skills that psychopaths aren’t very good at or have no interest in — namely the ability to be caring, make human connections and deal with feelings.

Furthermore, the jobs least likely to attract psychopaths do not offer very much power, in general. Meanwhile, those that psychopaths gravitate toward offer people

power and t

he ability to make objective decisions. A number of the jobs on the list probably won’t come as much of a surprise given public perception.

However, it is interesting to note that one of the symptoms of burnout among doctors is that they begin experience feelings of cynicism or depersonalization towards their patients. Maybe the profession doesn’t attract psychopaths, but the stresses might create some.

So which medical profession is actually attractive to psychopaths? Take a look:

10. Civil servant

9. Chef

8. Clergyperson

7. Police officer

6. Journalist

5. Surgeon

4. Salesperson

3. Media (TV/Radio)

2. Lawyer

1. CEO

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