Multiple Sclerosis

MDNG NeurologyFebruary 2011
Volume 13
Issue 1

Online resources for your and your patients, all focused on multiple sclerosis.

From the Literature

Use of an Online Community to Develop Patient-reported Outcome Instruments: The Multiple Sclerosis Treatment Adherence Questionnaire

Web-based Self-management for Patients with Multiple Sclerosis: A Practical, Randomized Trial

Clinical Trials

MRI to Evaluate Activity of Multiple Sclerosis

MRI Follow-up of Macrophagic Infiltration in MS Patients Treated with Tysabri

Rebif Advanced MRI and Immunology Trial

Online CME

Maintaining Quality of Life in Multiple Sclerosis: Multidisciplinary Rehabilitation and Improving the Physician-Patient Relationship



Expires:November 2, 2011


The goals of patient rehabilitation, implementation of rehabilitative patient care as part of an interdisciplinary team, sharing of information with patients regarding treatment decisions and expectations, and the use of validated assessment tools for evaluating health-related quality of life are among the topics reviewed in this activity.

Early Assessment and Multimodal Therapy for MS-Associated Cognitive Dysfunction

Management of Multiple Sclerosis, Part 2 of 2: MRI Abnormalities - The Radiologically Isolated Syndrome

Multiple Sclerosis in the Crossfire 2010: The State of Disease-modifying Therapies: Part 1

Patient-reported Outcomes in Multiple Sclerosis - Aligning Physician and Patient Perspectives to Optimize Care

The Educated PatientTM

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Living with MS

Broken into sub-sections for those who are newly diagnosed, those with advanced MS, or anyone living with MS, this section of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society website provides the most high-quality information on MS that we could find on one single site. Information here thoroughly covers health living, relationships, employment, and mobility and accessibility, just to name a few. From here, site visitors can also access a vast library of brochures, webcasts, videos, books, and the society’s magazine Momentum. An online community is also available, allowing patients and loved ones to connect with others who have shared similar experiences.

Medical Websites

Healthcare Professionals: National MS Society

We are so smitten with the National MS Society, that we’d be remiss if we didn’t tell you about their Professional Resource, Center, “which houses the most comprehensive library of MS information in the world” and provides “a variety of information and consultation services.” Here, physicians can access publications, review information on fellowships and grants, participate in online CME programs and self-study offerings or learn about conferences, obtain information on pediatric MS, and explore The National MS Society Resource Guide for Clinicians, a “practical guide to the wide range of materials and services available from the National MS Society to support clinicians serving people with MS.” Physicians are also invited to consult with MS specialists who serve on the society’s National Clinical Advisory Board via e-mail.

From the HCPLive Network

Are First-line Treatments for MS in Children Falling Short?

Although recent studies have shown that first-line therapies are safe in children with multiple sclerosis, they aren’t always effective.

Cognitive Impact of Pediatric MS Varies by Race

New research indicates that multiple sclerosis may affect some cognitive functions more severely in African American children.

Living with Multiple Sclerosis: Treatment Options

A specialist from the University of Maryland Medical Center discusses research into treatments for multiple sclerosis.

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